0.4 Limited Offshore Safety Training

Occasional a visit may be paid to an offshore mining installation by a Corporate, Government, or other Official. In order to safeguard the person it is important that he/she shall receive basic instructions on sea survival and HUET in case of flying with a helicopter to and from the offshore mining installation.

This course shall not be construed as a replacement for delegates (regular) visiting offshore mining installations even if they are not participating physically in any operation.

The visit is only allowed under the following conditions:

  • The visitor should not participate in any operational activity on board of the installation.
  • During the visit the visitor should be under guidance of a qualified and instructed crew member.

Course Content

This training will provide delegates with a sufficient level of understanding of circumstances and hazards on an offshore mining installation and sufficient basic knowledge of emergency response and self- rescue actions, while travelling to and from the installation by a helicopter. Subjects covered:                                                                 

  • Safety introduction (theory)
  • Helicopter safety (theory)
  • Survival at Sea (practical)
  • HUET Module (practical)

Course Details

The course duration is one day and the course will be provided in classes with a maximum of 12 delegates. 


Successful candidates receive a NOGEPA 0.4 Limited Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Response Training certificate with a validity of four years. 


This course is provided in English. Upon request and in case of a sufficient number of delegates, the course can be provided in Dutch. It is allowed to participate in the course with assistance of a translator. A translator can be provided by DELTA SAFety Training upon request. 


The training takes place at DELTA Safety Training in Rotterdam. DELTA offers a fully indoor training venue with all necessary facilities for a safe and comfortable stay, including a heated  indoor pool for Maritime and Offshore courses. This course can be provided onboard, if the local facilities meet the requirements. 

Conditions for participation

(Offshore) medical certificate.


The price in the top right corner includes the course material, use of the practical resources, the certificate and coffee, tea and lunch. All prices exclude VAT. 

Additional information

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