1.9B Banksman Offshore – Refresher training

To extend the validity of the NOGEPA Banksman 1.9 certificate it is required to follow this one-day training. To extend the validity of the NOGEPA Banksman 1.9 certificate it is required to follow this one-day refresher training. Here the most important theoretical and practical parts of the Banksman 1.9 basic training are covered. The Banksman offshore training is specifically designed for operational personnel on ships and / or oil platforms involved in hoisting operations.  The purpose of this Banksman training is for participants to perform hoisting operations safely, responsibly and efficiently in coöperation with the crane operator.

This certificate gives dispensation to the SOG BVL and VVL-H certificates in the petrochemical industry and can be obtained instead of those certificates.

Course Content

During the refresher training below subjects will be refreshed to ensure that the delegate is able to act safely and efficiently as banksman during hoisting activities. This training consists of a combination of theory instruction, hands-on exercises and practical exercises with the crane and other hoisting equipment.

Theoretical learning targets:

  • Knowledge of various cranes and their applications.
  • Knowledge of materials and equipment, used for performing hoisting activities, perceiving wear and tear, performance of daily maintenance, and inspection of those materials and equipment.
  • Knowledge of storage and registration of hoisting equipment.
  • Knowledge of standards and regulations related to the job.
  • Knowledge of procedures applicable to transportation of persons by means of a crane.
  • Capability of assessing risks, in relation to hoisting activities and ability to take the necessary measures.
  • Knowledge of containers with regard to type, structure and admissible load.
  • Knowledge of hoisting equipment.
  • Knowledge of hooking-up loads.
  • Capability to determine the mass of a load by visual evaluation.
  • Knowledge of winches and tackles.

Practical learning targets:

  • Determining and applying the correct hoisting equipment.
  • Evaluating the measures of a load to be hoisted.
  • Evaluating the mass of a load to be hoisted.
  • Determining the centre of gravity of various loads.
  • Visually inspection of hoisting equipment.
  • Daily maintenance of hoisting equipment.
  • Application of standard hand and arm signals.
  • Communication by means of a portable radio
  • Hooking-up loads.
  • Applying safety precautions during all mentioned activities.

Course Details

The course duration is 1 day and the course will be provided in classes with a maximum of 8 delegates. 


Successful delegates receive a NOGEPA 1.9 Banksman Offshore certificate with a validity of four years. 


This course is provided in English. Upon request and in case of a sufficient number of delegates, the course can be provided in Dutch, although the course material and the exam are only available in English. 


The training takes place at DELTA Safety Training in Rotterdam. DELTA offers a fully indoor training venue with all necessary facilities for a safe and comfortable stay. 

Conditions for participation

Delegates need to be in possession of a valid NOGEPA 1.9A Banskman certificate. 


The price in the top right corner includes the course material, use of the practical resources, the certificate, coffee, tea and lunch. All prices exclude VAT.

Additional information

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