1st Engineer Scaffolding – Refresher training

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In this refresher training ‘1st Engineer Scaffolding’ the participants are prepared in 2 days by an experienced trainer for the exam ‘1st Engineer Scaffolding’. On day 3, the exam is taken and, if the result is satisfactory, the participant will receive the DNV-GL certificate of professional competence ‘1st Engineer Scaffolding’ (formerly known as ‘Steigerbouwer B’). This is a personal certification under ISO 17024. With this certificate the professional competence requirement of the Guideline Scaffolding is met. This stipulates that from 1 January 2017 the professional competence must be demonstrated. In this training we work with high-quality scaffolding scaffolding material.

Content training

• Requirements for building scaffolding;
• Application of regulations, guidelines and requirements with regard to assembling, adapting and dismantling all “ordinary” and complex scaffolding;
• Working in specific circumstances, in particular:
◦in confined spaces;
◦ above water;
◦ near below surface infrastructures;
◦ installations in operation;

• Estimation of mass and quantities of scaffold material by means of rules of thumb;
• Assessment of the strength, stiffness and stability of a scaffolding by means of rules of thumb;
• Drawing up a material state on the basis of drawings / sketches of complex scaffolding;
• Assembly, adjustment and disassembly of scaffolding on the basis of data provided by the client;
• Implementing the Scafftag procedure for small scaffolding (on the basis of competences declared competent by the employer);
• Coordination
of work on ordinary scaffolding for upcoming scaffolding builders and scaffolding construction technicians, with special attention to: ◦ safety and efficiency;
◦ Reporting on and communication with foreman and client.


This training consists of 2 consecutive days training from 8 am to 4 pm for groups of up to 9 participants. On day 3 a theory and practical exam is taken by a DNV-GL certified exam office.


After successful completion, you will receive the professional certificate ‘1st Engineer Scaffolding’ from DNV-GL with a validity of 5 years.


The training is provided in the Dutch language. Execution in other languages can be done on request.


The training can be followed at DELTA Safety Training in Rotterdam where all necessary facilities are available. On request we can also organize this training at other locations, provided they have the right facilities.

Conditions for participation

Experience in assembling scaffolding is a requirement to participate in this training. From 1 January 2017, the participants must also have the certificate of competence for Monteur Steigerbouw. If there is any doubt as to whether the knowledge and experience level of a participant is sufficient to be able to follow the course successfully, we offer the possibility of a so-called zero and level measurement. This can prevent someone from participating in a course without a chance of success.


The price is stated in the upper right corner of this page. This price is
including all training materials, the DNV-GL theory and practical exam and certificate and lunch, coffee and tea. This course fee is exclusive of a payment of € 75.00 per certificate to the Stichting Veilig Werken Op Hoogte.

Furthermore are not included in the price:
• 21% VAT. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Additional information

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