2.2B Offshore First Aid – Refresher

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This 2-day refresher course is aimed at everyone who is designated to perform first aid tasks in a first aid organisation at a mining installation or a drilling platform. At the end of the course the delegate should have refreshed the required knowledge and skills to be able to render first aid to victims of accidents or acute sick persons; accompany them during transport; co-ordinate and assist in case of serious accidents; manage the first aid equipment and communicate effectively with the back-up doctor ashore

content training

This training consists of theoretical instruction combined with practical excersises aimed at the following learning targets : 

      • basic principles of rendering first aid 
      • stop bleeding 
      • simple wound treatment 
      • immobilize fractures 
      • first aid at shock 
      • cardio-pulmonary reanimation 
      • first aid for unconscious patients 
      • immobilization of patients with suspected back and/or neck injury 
      • first aid at drowning 
      • first aid at hypothermia 
      • personal hygiene before treating open wounds 
      • preparations for transport of wounded/sick persons 
      • use of first aid equipment, bandages and trauma scale 
      • communication and radio medical advice 
      • giving injections into a muscle on indication of a physician 
      • operating an AED 
      • keep medical administration up to date 


This 2-day training is meant for groups of maximum 6 persons. It is concluded with a theoretical and practical exam. For groups we can adapt the set up and time (evenings and weekends are possible) of the training. 


Participants who pass the exam will receive a Nogepa 2.2 Offshore First Aid certificate with a validity of 2 years.


The language for this training is English or Dutch.


The training can be followed at the DELTA Safety Training Center in Rotterdam or at any other location in the world, e.g. on ships.   

Conditions for participation

Delegate shall be in the possession of a valid “Oranje Kruis Certificaat” or a valid Nogepa 2.2 basic certificate, registered in the Personal Safety Logbook.


The price stated in the upper right corner of this page is including all training materials and lunch/coffee /tea. We gladly make you a proposal for groups or in-company training. 

Not included in the price are:

  • Nogepa registration fee € 10 per person 
  • 21% VAT. All prices mentioned are excluding VAT 

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