Adembescherming B verlenging

During the 1-day revision training Respiratory Protection B with SIR exam, the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the contestants are being freshened up as a preparement to the SIR Repiratory Protection B renewel exam.

Content training

This training excist of a theoretical and pratical part:


  • Common Respiratory protection 
  • Dependent respiratory protection devices (filtermask) 
  • Independent respiratory protection devices 
  • Hose-devices 
  • Selection of respiratory protection devices   
  • Working in closed rooms 
  •  Inspection and daily maintenance  
  • Safety measures  


  • Connecting and using the equipement safely 
  • Several practical exercises on the respiratory trainingalley 


In this 1-day during freshen-up course including SIR exam, for groups from 10 to 12 contestants, the most important theoretical knowledge and practical skills are being discussed in the morning. During the afternoon the SIR theoretical and practical exam are being taken off.
A read-out exam is possible for candidates with dyslexia and/or language problems.
For groups the times (evenings and weekends are also possible) can be adapted.  


With adequate result the candidate receives the Respiratory Protection B certificate. This certificate is valid for a 3 year duration.  


The exam Respiratory Protection B can be taken by SIR in Dutch, as well as in German.  

Exams in other languages are being developed by SIR.  


The training is taken care of at the trainings site of DELTA. This location, with the by SIR approved high-pressure airlane, fully suits the terms that SIR sets for the practical exam Respiratory Protection B. 

Conditions for participation

The participants of this course must have a medical declaration which proves that they are physically suited to work with respiratory devices.
Attending the practical exam Respiratory Protection B can only be done if you passed the theoretical part of this exam.  


The price mentioned in the top-right corner on this page includes teaching material, usage of practical devices and lunch, coffee and tea. The exam with course book is charged by SIR separately. The costs of the Dutch exam for SIR-members are €112,25 per person. For non SIR-members the SIR charges 100% onto this price. All prices are excluding 21% VAT.  

Additional information

  • The schedule of our courses can be found under Cursus Planning.
  • These courses are very suitable for individual participants or small groups.
  • Feel free to contact us if you cannot find a specific course.
  • For groups or/and in company courses we are happy to make you a customized offer. 


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