Forklift / Reachtruck / Mobile Elevated Working Platform assessment

Certifying the user of a Forklift, Reachtruck or Mobile Elevated Working Platform can be done in different ways. The ‘standard’ method is to follow a training, concluded with an exam. DELTA offers an alternative for experienced users, whereby by showing that one is competent a ‘DELTA Safety Training Certificate’ can be achieved. This is done by means of an ‘assessment’ also called the demonstration of ‘previously acquired competences’ or ‘EVC’ procedure. This takes about one hour and can be taken during the work, at the work location. You therefore save on working hours / shortages compared to regular training. DELTA conducts assessments for both experienced persons who have not yet obtained a certificate and for persons with a (soon) expired certificate.

Content training

All aspects relating to safe and expert use of the means of transport. Theoretical knowledge is tested by asking questions during the assessment.


Individual assessment at the work location of about 1 hour.


DELTA Safety Training, validity 5 years.


The training is conducted in the Dutch language. In the case of English-speaking participants, the assessment can be conducted in the English language.


At the workplace of the participant, provided this is an accessible and safe place for both the participant and the assessor.

Conditions for participation

No admission requirements are required for participation in this course.


The price is per participant, based on location Rotterdam / Europoort.

Additional information

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