Audio Exam B-VCA

The reading-exam ‘B-VCA’ (Basic Safety VCA) is intended for exam candidates with reading and / or language problems. In this exam the questions and the ‘multiple choice’ answers are read by the supervisor, while the candidate (s) can read. This way the questions and answers are better understood and the participants have more chance to pass the B-VCA exam. There is also a little more time for every question to understand exactly what is being asked. The reading exam can then be scheduled as a separate exam following a course or, in consultation, at a time and location of choice. For this we would like to make an offer for you.

Preparation and exam

If you do not opt for a course as preparation, DELTA offers a textbook and e-learning as opportunities for independent preparation for the exam. Both the textbook and an access to the e-learning program can be ordered from DELTA.


The Exam B-VCA (Basic Safety VCA) consists of 40 multiple choice questions. To pass this exam, a minimum of 28 questions must be answered correctly. The exam is taken by an examination desk approved by ECABO.


Participants who pass the exam receive the SSVV diploma Basic Safety VCA. This diploma is valid for 10 years.


The reading B-VCA exam can be taken in all languages in which the B-VCA exam exists.


The reading-exam B-VCA can be taken at DELTA or on location. From Ecabo requirements are set for the exam location. We would like to inform you about this.

Conditions for participation

No admission requirements are required for participation in this exam.


The price at the top right of this page is for the B-VCA reading exam in Dutch per person on location of DELTA and includes coffee and tea. All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Additional information

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