First Aid – Refresher training

The 1-day refresher ‘’First Aid’’ is there to maintain the knowledge and skills of the providers of First Aid and/or to extend the First Aid certificate of ‘’Oranje Kruis’’. By attending this refresher every year providers of First Aid make sure they have the required level to qualify for an extension of their certificate.  

Content training

The practical skills are refreshed and several practical accidents are worked out in cases. Next to that the theory is refreshed. Issues that might be addressed during this refresher are i.a:  

  • Stopped blood circulation 
  • Disturbances in consciousness  
  • Disturbances in breathing 
  • CPR 
  • Severe external bleeding 
  • Shock 
  • External wounds 
  • Burns 
  • Bruises and sprains 
  • Dislocation and fractures 
  • Eye injuries 
  • Intoxication 
  • Electrical accidents 
  • Injuries caused by heat 
  • Injuries caused by cold  
  • Transport over short distances 


The open enrolment training consists of a 1-day instruction from 8 am. until 4 pm. The group normally consists of about 12 participants. For groups and in-company trainings the times and course formats can be adapted (evenings and weekends are also an option). 


To extend the ‘’First Aid’’ diploma of ‘’Oranje Kruis’’  your diploma number must be known to DELTA. This certificate has a validity of two years. First Aiders have to be able to show that they are competent; this is possible by attending this 1-day refresher course.  


The training is conducted in the Dutch language. On request we can organize the training in English or another language.


All First Aid courses can be performed at DELTA or at your location. 

Conditions for participation

Participants of this refresher course have to posses a valid First Aid certificate from  ’Oranje Kruis’.   


The price stated in the upper right corner of this page is including teaching materials, training materials, the ‘’Oranje Kruis” ’certificate and lunch/coffee /tea. All prices are excluding 21% VAT. 

Additional information

  • The schedule of our courses can be found under Cursus Planning.
  • These courses are very suitable for individual participants or small groups.
  • Feel free to contact us if you cannot find a specific course.
  • For groups or/and in company courses we are happy to make you a customized offer. 
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