Gasmeten (Herhaling, 1 dag) DELTA

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The 1-day refresher course Gas Monitoring is intended for employees whose certificate Gas Monitoring should be extended. This training is not suitable for people who wish to obtain the certificate Gas Monitoring for the first time. 
In this training, the student is prepared for the DELTA or SSVV Training Guide (formerly known as GORW or Deltalinqs) gas monitoring exam. 
DELTA also provides the course Gas Monitoring Nogepa 1.4. This course can be found under the offshore courses. The training can be concluded with either an SSVV Training Guide (SOG) or DELTA exam. 

 Note: To participate in SSVV Training Guide (SOG) exams, participants must be in possession of a valid certificate Basic Safety VCA or VOL VCA. 

Content training

This training consists of a theoretical and practical part:

  • Basic Concepts of: toxic substance, poisoning, gases and vapors, exposure to toxic substances in the body, definitions of limit value- and TGG, diffusion-dependent factors for gases and vapors, relationship between Vol% and ppm and mg / m3 and monitoring toxic substances. 
  • Basic concepts such as fire and explosion, description of explosion area, explosiveness monitoring, explosion limits and the rates of these limits, . 
  • Basic concepts as suffocation due to oxygen deficiency, effects of a too high or too low oxygen concentration and oxygen measurement 


  • Independently conducting gas measurement 
  • Monitoring equipment and possibly operate required tools. 


The Open Enrollment Training consists of 1 day of instruction from 08.00 to 16.00 hours for groups of an avarage of  9 participants. Both the theoretical and the practical part will be completed with a test. For groups and in-company trainings, the course and times (evenings and weekends are also possible) can be adjusted. 


With sufficient result, the participant receives a DELTA or SSVV Training Guide (SOG) Gas Monitoring certificate. These certificates are valid for 3 years. 


The SSVV Training Guide (SOG) and DELTA exams Gas Monitoring are available in all European languages. For languages other than Dutch we are happy to make you a tailored offer.  


Geyssendorfferweg 47, 3088 GJ Rotterdam (harbour nr. 2320).

Conditions for participation

It is assumed that participants already have obtained the certificate Gas Monitoring or have obtained familiarity with the equipment otherwise. Participants must have basic knowledge of Gas Monitoring. 

To participate in the SSVV Training Guide (SOG) exam of this course, participants must be in possession of a valid certificate Basic Safety VCA or VOL VCA. 


The price listed on the top right of this page holds for the Dutch course and includes teaching materials, use of the practice means, the DELTA certificate and lunch/coffee/tea. For the SSVV Training Guide Exam € 64,50 will be charged in addition. All prices exclude 21% VAT. 

Additional information

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  • These courses are very suitable for individual participants or small groups.
  • Feel free to contact us if you cannot find a specific course.
  • For groups or/and in company courses we are happy to make you a customized offer. 


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