GWO Manual Handling

GWO Manual Handling is meant for personnel in wind turbines who’s job includes manual labour.

The GWO Manual Handling training is one of the five separate modules of the GWO Basic Safety Training, developed by the Global Wind Organisation for personnel in the wind industry.

The full Basic Safety Training consists of 5 modules that provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to work safely in the wind industry: GWO Module First Aid, GWO Module Manual Handling, GWO Module Fire Awareness, GWO Module Working at Heights and GWO Module Sea Survival.

Course Content

The objectives of the BST Manual Handling Module are to ensure that:

  • The delegates are able to demonstrate understanding of the importance of carrying out work duties in a safe and sound manner in accordance with the legislative requirements of their geographic location.
  • The delegates are able to identify aspects of their job tasks that could increase a worker’s risk of developing muscular/skeletal injuries.
  • The delegates are able to demonstrate understanding of safe practices of Manual Handling, including the correct handling of equipment.
  • The delegates are able to identify signs and symptoms of injuries related to poor Manual Handling techniques and have knowledge of reporting methods.
  • The delegates are able to demonstrate a problem solving approach to Manual Handling in a wind turbine environment.
  • The delegates are able to demonstrate Manual Handling risk reduction techniques.

Course Details

The GWO Manual Handling module is provided in 0,5 day to classes with a maximum of 12 participants.


Successful delegates receive a GWO Manual Handling certificate with a validity of 2 years.


This course is provided in English. Upon request and with a sufficient number of delegates, the course can be provided in Dutch.


The training takes place at DELTA Safety Training in Rotterdam. DELTA offers a fully indoor training venue with all necessary facilities for a safe and comfortable stay, including a heated indoor pool for Maritime and Offshore courses.

Conditions for Participation

Delegates shall have created a personal delegate profile in WINDA and provide their own WINDA ID prior to the training.

In order to generate a WINDA ID, please visit: and choose ‘Register’, followed by ‘Delegate Registration’. After filling in your data you will receive an activation code per e-mail, which is valid for 48 hours. When you activate via the e-mail and fill in a password a confirmation will be sent via e-mail. Also, in the top right corner of the page your WINDA ID will occur, which is needed for registration of your certification.


The price in the top right corner includes the course material, use of the practical resources, registration fee, certificate costs, coffee and tea. All prices exclude VAT.

Additional Information

  • The available course dates are shown in the top right corner of the page.
  • These courses are very suitable for individual participants or small groups.
  • For group bookings or incompany courses, we are happy to make you a customised offer.
  • If you wish to receive any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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