HUET is short for ‘Helicopter Underwater Escape Training’ and CA-EBS represents Compressed Air Emercency Breathing System. This programme is designed to meet the offshore safety and emergency response training requirements for personnel working in the offshore oil and gas industry who will be supplied with a compressed air emergency breathing system (CA-EBS) during offshore helicopter travel. For this training a valid medical examination required. No training pre-requisites are required.
This training-course is also useful for holders of the STCW or GWO Basic Safety Certificate, who use heli-transfers to their vessel/WTG.  

Course Content

During this course participants learn all about:

  • Helicopter Safety (Travel and Emergencies)
  • Use of Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)
  • Practical Helicopter Escape Techniques 

Various practical exercises with a HUET simulator will be performed in the indoor pool. The HUET simulator is a replica of an offshore helicopter cabin with windows and doors that can turn 360 degrees. Practical helicopter escape techniques will be practised by the delegates and guided by instructors and multiple safety divers to guarantee the safety of all participants.

Course Details

The course duration is one day and the course will be provided in classes with a maximum of 16 delegates. The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. 


Successful delegates receive an OPITO certificate Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (OPITO code 5295; HUET) incl. CA-EBS. This certificate has a validity of four years.

DELTA Safety Training is certified by OPITO to provide the OPITO HUET training and the NOGEPA HUET course as part of the NOGEPA 0.5A or 0.5B training. 


This course is provided in English. Upon request and in case of a sufficient number of delegates, the course can be provided in Dutch.


The training takes place at DELTA Safety Training in Rotterdam. DELTA offers a fully indoor training venue with all necessary facilities for a safe and comfortable stay, including a heated  indoor pool for Maritime and Offshore courses.

Conditions for participation

The delegate needs to be in possession of a valid OGUK Offshore Medical or a NOGEPA Offshore medical certificate. If the medical examination is performed after March 31st 2018 the medical certificate or sticker in the green safety logbook needs to state that: delegate is FIT TO TRAIN IN-WATER CA-EBS or UNFIT TO TRAIN IN-WATER CA-EBS. If the medical examination is performed prior to March 31st 2018, the lungfunction test needs to be done prior to the start of the BOSIET/FOET/HUET course. We can provide this at our training centre, but must be done before the start of the course.


The price in the top right corner includes the course material, use of the practical resources, the certificate, coffee, tea and lunch. All prices exclude VAT.

Additional Information

  • The available course dates are shown in the top right corner of the page. 
  • These courses are very suitable for individual participants or small groups. For group bookings or incompany courses, we are happy to make you a customised offer. 
  • If you wish to receive any additional information, please do not hesitate  to contact us. 


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