VOL VCA – Basic training

FIXED price: You record the date of your training, payment of the course must be done immediately. In case of moving or canceling the training, the entire course fee will be charged again in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. The choice for ‘FIXED’ gives you a considerable discount on our existing prices.

FLEX price: You opt for flexibility. You can move free of charge once, rescheduling a second time is possible at 50% of the course price. Resistance is allowed no later than 5 working days before the start date course in accordance with the general Terms and Conditions. Payment for companies 30 days after receipt of invoice. With ‘FLEX’ you choose extra service, for the normal price.

The 2-day basic safety course VCA for Operational Supervisors (VOL-VCA) is primarily intended for managers and team leaders who need the diploma for their work and
have not done the course before.    

During the VOL-VCA course participants learn how to work safely (or delegate) and how to motivate others to work safely and responsibly . 

Using the DELTA VOL VCA course book, students are being prepared for the exam by an experienced instructor, which is taken at the end of the course.    

If you do not pass, you can do a retake within 5 days. 

Content training

During this course particpants learn what they need to know about: 

  • leglislation 
  • risk of accident  
  • hazardous substances  
  • fire hazard  
  • explosion hazard   
  • working in confined spaces  
  • common working safely  
  • working safely with electricity  
  • safe working with tools  
  • safe working with hoist and forklifts   
  • safe working at heights  
  • liften, tripping, slipping and falling  
  • personal protective equipement 


The Open Enrollment Course VOL-VCA consists of 2 consecutive days of lessons 08.00 to 16.00 hours. On average the group consists of 15 to 20 participants.  
The course concludes with a written exam. For participants with reading or language problems there is the possibility of a oral exam. For groups and in-company courses,  the courses and times can be adjusted in close consultation.  


The examination is conducted by a by ECABO approved examination office. Participants who pass the exam receive a  SSVV certificate. the certificate is valid for 10 years.   


The VOL VCA diploma replaces the former Diploma VVA 2.  Note, If you have a VVA1 as well as a VVA2 diploma, of which the VVA1 has expired, automatically the VVA 2 diploma is no longer valid. You should then, depending on your position, take the B-VCA or VCA VOL exam. 


This course given is in English, but we also provide the course in Dutch, German and French   


The course VOL-VCA can, on average, be followed once every two month on location DELTA. For groups, we also provide in-company courses.  

Conditions for participation

For this instruction there are no requirements concerning preliminary training of the participants.  


All expenses included, so including book, written exam and lunch/coffee/tea, but excluding 21% VAT.   

Additional information

  • The schedule of our courses can be found under Cursus Planning.
  • These courses are very suitable for individual participants or small groups.
  • Feel free to contact us if you cannot find a specific course.
  • For groups or/and in company courses we are happy to make you a customized offer. 


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