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Offshore / Onboard Training

Through DELTA Safety Training you can follow safety training courses according to the guidelines of NOGEPA and OPITO. The training courses meet both national (NOGEPA) and International (OPITO, NSOC-D) standards. With offshore training organized by DELTA Safety Training one can go virtually anywhere in the world. DELTA Safety Training cooperates with other trainers where certification requires this.

These offshore training courses are intended for personnel working in the oil and gas industry, shipping and offshore / wind energy and related companies / contractors. For the tracking of most of these courses, a medical examination is mandatory.

Several offshore / onboard training courses

DELTA Safety Training offers a variety of offshore / onboard courses, part of which are basic and part refresher courses. DELTA also provides a number of training sessions ‘onboard’, if the possibilities to train on board are available, it can save a lot of costs and reduce your business.

DELTA has the recognition for the 0.5 incl CA-EBS and 0.4 NOGEPA trainings as well as for the Opito Basic Safety (BOSIET, FOET, HUET, CA-EBS).

Offshore certificates

Certificates for offshore training are generally valid for 4 years and are issued by OPITO and / or NOGEPA.

Language selection

By default, offshore training courses at DELTA are provided in the English language, on request in Dutch (provided sufficient participants).

Tailor-made training

By combining the above possibilities, we can provide a tailor-made training for every company. Both groups and individuals can be registered for the courses.

Subscribe offshore training

You can book the course of your choice (or different courses, in 1 registration, at the same time) via the ‘register’ link. If no date is planned yet, please send us an e-mail with your request and we will contact you immediately. If a date / date is planned, you can complete the entire booking process via this website.

DELTA offers flexibel booking terms

The first date change with regard to your participation in a course is possible free of charge up to five working days prior to the course commencement date. Cancellation is possible free of charge up to 10 working days prior to the course commencement date.