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Training with SIR exams

SIR exams are available for employees and managers working in industrial cleaning.

We have been affiliated with the SIR since our foundation in 1992 and have prepared thousands of employees through training and training for the required SIR certificates. We provide training sessions with SIR exams in the fields of High Pressure Liquid Cleaning, Pressure / Vacuum Cleaning and Respiratory Protection.

Set up SIR training courses

The majority of the training courses that train for an SIR certificate consist of a theory and a practical part and last for 1 or 2 days. The examinations are taken per section by examiners of the SIR, as part of the course or in a separate session.

The participants must bring the correct PPE to the training. The Open Enrollment trainings are very suitable for individual participants and small groups. Depending on the target group and training location, the training setup can be adjusted.

SIR exams and certificates

The SIR exams consist of a theory and, in many cases, a practical part. The theory part is tested in writing. In the event that an exam candidate has language problems and / or dyslexia, the theoretical part of the examinations HDS and Respiratory Protection B can also be taken via a pre-examination exam.

The certificates for the SIR training courses are valid for two to three years. View the information at the relevant training for the exact period of validity.

The SIR exams are possible in different languages

In addition to Dutch, the language options for SIR exams are that the HDS and HDM exams are also possible in French and German and the DVM exam in French. For most other exams, extension of exams in German, French and English is under development. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this.

Where are the SIR examinations taken?

Every SIR exam can be taken at our training center. Our training and examination facilities are fully geared to the SIR requirements and approved to take the SIR exams. We have, for example, a special compressed air path that is required for the practical exam Respiratory protection B.

Because of the requirements set by the SIR at the exam location, not every training and exam can be provided in-company. Contact us for the possibilities.

The price of an SIR exam

The prizes in our overview apply to exams that are taken at a training location of us and include teaching material, practical resources, lunch, coffee and tea. The SIR exams and diplomas are charged separately by the SIR and the prizes change by exam. All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Register for training with SIR exam

You can register for an SIR course by clicking on the title of the training and signing up via that page. On this page you will also find background information, prices and scheduled dates. If no dates are mentioned, please contact us via the application form.