VCA, VOL VCA and VIL VCU courses

The VCA courses are provided by DELTA Safety Training by experienced instructors with extensive practical experience. They are not only competent in giving VCA courses in Dutch, but also in all other languages ​​in which the exam can be done. DELTA Safety Training in Rotterdam provides, among other things, the following training courses. B-VCA (Basic Safety VCA) for the operational staff and VOL-VCA for managers. In addition, the temporary employment sector has its own comparable VCU qualification.

Under Course Planning you can find out when we provide the courses as ‘Open Enrollment’ at our training center in Rotterdam. For groups this can of course also be done ‘In-Company’ at your location, anywhere in the world. Those who want to prepare individually for the exam can opt for an e-learning course.

Open enrollment

Above are the training sessions from which you can choose. The prices mentioned include (digital) teaching materials, a loan book during the course, exam, lunch, coffee and tea but excluding 21% VAT. For groups and ‘In-Company’ VCA training courses we are happy to make a tailor-made offer. Please contact us for this.

VCA stands for VGM (Safety, Health, Environment) Certificate Contractors and after the driving license is the most issued diploma in the Netherlands. The diploma stands for knowledge about safe working and is intended to reduce the number of accidents and near-accidents in the workplace.

Which course for whom?

From VCA two safety qualifications are mandatory. B-VCA for operational staff and VOL-VCA for managers. In addition, the temporary employment sector has its own comparable VCU qualification. The DELTA Safety Training courses prepare you for these diplomas, namely:

– B-VCA: Basic safety VCA, formerly VVA1, for employees who work for clients who make the VCA certificate obligatory

– VOL-VCA: Safety for Operational Managers VCA, formerly VVA2, for managers such as foremen and team leaders

– VIL-VCU: Safety for Intermediaries and Managers of employment agencies

VCA diploma

VCA diplomas are valid for 10 years and are issued by an examination center recognized by ECABO.

Language selection

In addition to Dutch, at DELTA Safety the diplomas can also be obtained in other languages:

– B-VCA: Besides Dutch also in English, German, French, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak and even Russian. Furthermore, in all other languages ​​of countries that are members of the European Union

– VOL-VCA: In addition to Dutch also in English, German and French

– VIL-VCU: Only in Dutch

Setup course

No previous training is required. DELTA Safety Training offers 2-day basic courses and 1-day refresher courses. On request, the courses can also be provided in the evening or at the weekend. As soon as you have registered, you will also be registered for the exam, which will conclude the training.

Optimal preparation

DELTA Safety Training offers candidates all possibilities for optimal preparation for the exam:

– Open registration (individual or group)

– In-company training at your location (groups)

– In language of choice

– Even on evenings and weekends

– Self study through e-learning or the DELTA manual (downloadable from this website).

Tailor-made training

By combining the above teaching options, we can offer every company or individual a tailor-made training program.

For background information, prices and data about a specific course, go to the overview with all VCA courses. The planning can be found under the relevant course or the exam of your choice.

You can book the course of your choice (or different courses, in 1 registration, at the same time) via the ‘register’ link. If no date is planned yet, we will receive an e-mail with your request and we will contact you immediately. If a date / date is planned, you can complete the entire booking process via this website.

DELTA offers flexibel booking terms

The first date change with regard to your participation in a course is possible free of charge up to five working days prior to the course commencement date. Cancellation is possible free of charge up to 10 working days prior to the course commencement date.

If no dates are mentioned, please contact us via the application form.