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Training from the SSVV Training Guide that are not concluded with an SSVV exam, are on this website under the Safe Working category. We provide these courses and examinations in accordance with the SSVV regulations.

This concerns the training:

– Work with dependent respiratory protection

–┬áCommunication / Authority for supervisory functions

– Recognize Introduction and Risks

– Work with small extinguishers and / or water and foam-carrying armatures

– Recognize asbestos

– Work with the mobile scaffolding

Who are these trainings for?

The SSVV Training Guide examinations are intended for operational employees of companies that carry out risky work in, or for, the companies affiliated to the VNCI, VNPI, Deltalinqs, NOGEPA and SIR. These employees must comply with the training requirements set out in the Guide, as a condition for obtaining and / or retaining the VCA of VCA certificate from their employer, if this company works for clients in the aforementioned branches.